“A dreamlike experience. You'll never go anywhere else again. My body and soul feel so rejuvenated, I don't know how else to explain it."

— Kendall D. (Carlsbad, CA)

“Everything we wanted and more. They also display some of the most beautiful crystals we have ever seen in our lives.”

— Joseph & Alexandra P. (La Jolla, CA)

“I absolutely love everyone there. The nicest people in the world and the most relaxed I have felt in a long time!”

— Alyssa S. (Cardiff, CA)

“I met Angela through a mutual friend, but it wasn't until after my first healing session with her, that we really connected. She is an amazing reiki healer. While she was doing  work, I could feel the energy moving in any direction her hands chose to move it, and it felt almost like a liquid, in regards to  how it flows. I was not expecting to feel anything physical. That was my first realization that she is the real thing. 

She also did a intuitive reading for me, and she was spot on. She was so connected to my emotions, and was able to express what I was feeling with ease. It was a big relief to know that someone truly knows what I was feeling. She was also able to tune in to my daughter, through me, and she described her personality, and her situation perfectly, without ever meeting her before. 

When my Uncle passed away, she connected with him, and described things about him that I did not tell her or anyone else about. She even described how he would tell his wife he loves her, and his favorite place to sit. 

Angela is the real thing. You will not be disappointed with her services. I highly recommend her. You'll know what I mean when you have a session with her.”

— Kellie H. (Sacramento, CA)